deluge contemporary art

March 24 to April 22, 2017

Birds of Paradise

Lauren Marsden

Opening Friday, March 24, 7pm

Birds of Paradise is a video installation that tells the story of a near-future, post-energy crisis world, one in which pole dancers become symbols of the human struggle for resources. Set amidst a series of energetic landscapes, dreamy narration and kinetic props, their performances point to a seductive yet frustrated vision of paradise. This work features performances by Sydney Southam, Jiles Barrett and Leiah Engel, narration by Pia Shandel, costume design by Megan Veaudry and additional aerial footage by Robert Krogh. Co-produced by Sydney Southam and Justin Muir. Directed, filmed and edited by Lauren Marsden.

Lauren Marsden is an artist, teacher and editor based in Vancouver, BC. She produces films, performances and GIFs that are developed collaboratively with a range of professionals and performers. She has recently exhibited her work at CSA Space in Vancouver, The New Media Gallery in New Westminster, Alice Yard in Port-of-Spain and the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival. In 2015 she was a Visiting Tutor and Artist-in-Residence at Quest University and she currently teaches Video Art at the University of Victoria. She is also the Founder and Editor of Decoy Magazine, a Vancouver-based publication of art and writing.
Lauren Marsden, Birds of Paradise (production stills), 2017.
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